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Despite the crap my enemies spew about me, I am reachable by email.. xenacarpenter@yahoo.com


*NEW* The Secret Archive of Amightyfraud--ongoing subdirectory

1st video, one of many to come. Moar LIES from the WHORE B!TCH of amightywind...

The neverending harassment from lowlife scumbag, amightyfraud champion "ironcross", "ironcross66106" and numerous other handle names...

Richard Landes wants a kick in the ass. He's gonna get it and so will others...

Warning about Len Horowitz and Cherie Caine [a.k.a. Sherri Kane]

Warning about Michael Herzog

Barbara Politis "Hartwell" and Freemason Roy Francis Stewart

Barbara Politis "Hartwell" Geneology


You can also visit my blog [which I haven't written on since 2007] while I am developing my site.

If you keep staring at my picture, I [just] might turn you into stone.